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Ever wished you could have a printout whenever you want it and only when you want it? This is one of the main advantages of digital printing. You get to order only what you require when you require it. This is a common practice with publishers which provides better ways to manage costs as opposed to mass production of the publications. You could order for 10 annual reports, for example, whenever you need it as opposed to printing 500 of them not knowing whether all 500 will be used.

Cumulatively, however, the costs of print on demand (POD) get to surpass those of mass production especially when the quantities go beyond a certain point. But with mass production, you are limited to printing large quantities to gain lower cost benefits. In short, one must choose between reduced costs per print of mass production and efficiencies of on-demand production.

Print whenever you want it and however many you want; that’s the essence of print on demand.

The benefits of mass production (printing in large quantities) are getting limited due to dynamic demand patterns. With bulk printing, you’d begin by estimating demand and print according to the estimates. The chance of wastage with this method is high. Alternatively, you could wait for orders to pile up in the case of printing a book. But customers also want a shorter turnaround time which means they expect delivery in the shortest time possible.

With print-on-demand, these disadvantages are eliminated. For publishers, for example, ordering with Pulsar ensures smaller batches of say 10 pieces are placed straight away on the digital printing queue. The advantage of this is you get to print only what you’ve sold thus eliminating chance of wastage.

The same can be replicated for marketing materials. The need for printing mass marketing material is becoming unnecessary. This can be managed by printing exactly what is required. Printing 10,000 brochures could prove unnecessary and costly as you will be forced to distribute them to non-target customers. Targeted marketing saves you the costs of having to print in mass instead, you print whenever the material is demanded. With variable data printing, the marketing material could be printed in smaller batches with different messages as desired without incurring extra costs as would be observed in offset printing.

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